Start of Year 2 at school and a little tradition

And so today Bianca started Year 2 at school. She was so excited, but unfortunately not feeling very well at the moment. I thought that perhaps the school would call me to come and get her, but she ended up coping well the whole day, so I was pleased. The past few days Bianca complained of a tummy ache and so last night, we took her through to Starship to get her checked out. You can read more about Bianca's tummy ache here.

But in summary this is how Bianca is feeling at the moment:

Anyway, so today was the big day. Bianca was excited to start (although even more excited to start the new school year with her new school bag):

And being the proud mum that I am, I did go crazy with the photos, but hey, one day when Bianca is all grown up and old she'll thank me for it :-)

Just outside Bianca's class:

Bianca started a little tradition when she started school in July 2008 as a new entrant / Year zero and on the first day of school she always takes an apple for her teacher. It has to be a red apple (although not like the poisoned apple in Snow White, but more like the apple Pinnochio took to school with him):

Some shots of Bianca's class:

The computer corner:

The yellow board is the free choice board where kids can choose an activity before school starts if they don't want to play outside at that time. They can also choose from this board when they have completed an activity before the time is up. The kids also learn WITS in Bianca's school. Basically this is a bully strategy to help kids resolve conflict - you can Walk away, Ignore, Tell somebody, Stand up for yourself.

Bianca's place to hang her school bag and hat.

Bianca sorted all her new books and folders into the baskets behind her. These books stay in class.

Bianca loves her new pencil case (of course mostly because it is pink with love hearts):

Sitting at her new table:

And finally joining her friends for a bit of free choice play before school started:

I can't believe Bianca is in Year 2 already. Suddenly I feel so old :-)


Sharon said...

She's looking really well!!! So exciting for her!

RosemaryO said...

Sorry to hear about Bianca's tummy ache. Glad she is feeling better How exciting entering year 2!
Love all the photos.

Sam said...

What an exciting day for her!


FaerySarah said...

love your blog! would you be interested in joining my little side project? we'd love to have you! kiwimummyblogs.blogspot.com