Feeling frustrated

Today I just feel frustrated. I just really want to get to the point now where Bianca's port can come out.

We were all set to get Bianca's port finally taken out tomorrow. On Monday (as some of you might know) we had to visit the GP. Bianca has been complaining of a sore neck / throat since Friday and Monday we could feel the swollen lymph nodes by her neck. For a moment there we thought maybe she somehow picked up mumps, but her doctor told us when we called that she has retained immunity against mumps and the only immunisation she'll need to get would be for Hepatitis. (Yeah!). However, he wanted us to take her to the GP because she might have some kind of infection. So that's what we did and Bianca had to get a range of blood tests done. Yesterday got a call from the GP and they can't see anything specific in the blood test results other than that she is fighting an infection and can we please bring her back for another checkup tomorrow (which was today really).

Then today I got a call from Bianca's oncologist and he pretty much told us what the GP told us and mentioned that he is happy with her "healthy response" to the infection and that at the moment they are not concerned about any leukemia cells hiding somewhere (so that is a huge relief to know that). But he also said that we'll now have to wait for this infection to be fully cleared before they will take her port out (sigh!) and that unfortunately he read wrong the last time and she pretty much will need to get ALL her baby immunisations all over again (double sigh!).

So now we are scheduled for another blood test next Tuesday to see if the antibiotics are doing their job and if further tests will tell us a bit more about what we might be dealing with.

And we are waiting to see when the next theatre appointment possibly could be.

So today I just feel frustrated. I really just want to move on now. But we'll just have to wait and see as usual I guess and not put our hopes up too much until it actually happens...


superrelish said...

Thinking of you all. Hopefully the infection clears quickly and surgery can be rescheduled soon.

Sharon said...

Ugh no!!! I can imagine you're very frustrated. I mean isn't having hte port removed like the final step into your new normal?? Damn that its dragging like this.
Thinking of you all!

Felicity said...

You are all in my prayers especially Bianca. There probably isn't a straight line between A and B. Hope that Bianca will be really better soon and that her port can come out and that her immunization will be a breeze. Heavenly Father's blessings to you all.

The Clam said...

Man alive that is certainly a just cause for being frustrated.

I hope she gets better soon so you can finally have the port removed and carry on with your "new normal" sooner rather than later.


Merphin said...

Just read about the Glandular Fever :( SUCKS!!! Maybe she is meant to keep her port forever as a memory ;) Seriously tho, it will happen, have patience and remember while we may feel out of control there is someone far more able in control and He has a plan :D

Svilen said...

Hello, I found your blog and story some weeks before. It is so touching the heart. Bianca is very sweet, both so tender and brave as a soldier.
I'm impressed with the "beads of courage" necklace. We have a general clue that the child with leukaemia undergo many painful interventions, but when you see the necklace...wow how brave are these tender hearts. Hugging you.
I wish all the troubles are left behind you and we have healthy little princess from now on. Hope the infection is cured and the port is going to be removed soon. Hugs for Bianca.

Suzanne said...

I sighed a deep, long sigh for you. Hope this gets done quickly!

Our oncologist mentioned removing Woutertjie's broviac line by next week.... I'm not sure that I am ready for that big step. KWIM? It feels "secure" to have it there. I NEED weekly FBCs.