And it seems tomorrow will not be the day. We've been bumped - again! To the 1st of April. Sigh. It is not surprising though, just disappointing. But either way we are going in for a port flush tomorrow as it's been more than a month now. Sigh. Fingers crossed that this time round they won't bump us again.


The Clam said...

I hope they don't bump you again either Lea. It's time now for the "normal" to be properly normal.


RosemaryO said...

Sorry for the disappointment again. I guess Bianca isn't a "priority" anymore. I have heard that the port removal surgery is the last on the list for the drs and the patients get delayed time and again. But it will happen soon.I can't believe it is over 6 months already!She is doing great.
Keep us posted. Thanks
Rosemary NY

Sharon said...

Really hopig it will get done this week!!!