Out and About

This weekend we took Bianca to the Tawa park to ride her bike and feed the ducks. She didn't play on the play structures because she is neutropenic at the moment (which means her levels are really low and she can easily get an infection). She is really good at riding her bike at the moment and we don't have to push her at all and she didn't once fall off. She seems pretty good at steering.

We also went to Plimmerton Beach - approximately 10 / 15 minutes from our house. It was high tide, so didn't have lots of beach to run around on, but Bianca had fun making sandcastles. This was also Caitlyn's very first time on the beach and she had fun playing with the sand and eating some as well. The water was too cold to go into, but it was nice to be out and about.

Last week Terence donated his second batch of plasma. Terence completed forms to list himself on the bone marrow register, so next time they will take a sample. This is just because Terence is able and willing and not because Bianca needs a bone marrow transplant or anything. Next time Terence will also be donating platelets and this is more relevant to what Bianca usually gets.

Caitlyn is doing really well with solid food and she is pretty mobile now - dragging herself along the carpet.