Still at home

We are still at home and it is great! Bianca just loves spending time with her baby sister and it is amazing to see the two of them together.

Bianca has been eating vegemite sandwiches like crazy - several times a day. She calls it marmite sandwiches. She doesn't want any margarine and then it has to be cut into triangles. It is quite strange as she is not on any appetite enhancing medicine at the moment, but we are not complaining as we want to ensure she keeps her weight up and has to try and gain some. So far so good. Earlier in the week she was 18.4kg and now she is 19.2kg. So far she does not need the feeding tube again.

Had a quick visit to hospital today for a blood test. Bianca is quite neutropenic which means she is at high risk of developing an infection (and it doesn't help that Caitlyn still has a cold and I have now developed one). But for now we don't have to be admitted. On Monday we will need to be in for another blood test and then Tuesday will be chemo.

We got two lovely parcels now in the week - one from Terence's dad with an outfit for Bianca and a bath toy set for Caitlyn and a parcel from my mom containing an assortment of goodies and clothes for the kids as well as a very special story book she created and it features her cats. And Terence and I were spoiled as well. So thank you very much!

On another note, yesterday was exactly 3 months since Bianca got her first treatment and we have been here exactly 3 years.

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