A cold September day

Today was really cold and windy. Sanna says the weather is very similar in Sweden so she is used to it.

We kept Caitlyn out of daycare today as she had a bit of a tummy bug. So last night was a bit of a rough night. Caitlyn is getting quite impatient as she really wants to crawl properly now and you can see that she wants to but doesn't quite know how to get it right.

Yesterday Bianca and Sanna baked cupcakes and Bianca had lots of fun. At the moment Bianca's favourite game is playing "The three Billy Goats Gruff". So then Bianca and Sanna each take turns playing the Billy Goats Gruff and the Troll waiting under the bridge. Today Sanna made alphabet letters on little square pieces of paper and Bianca had to put it all into order. So she would sing the "A, B, C" song to decide which letter will be next. She is really good with her letters and even her sounds of letters.

So far we are lucky and we are still at home. It is really good to be home.