On Friday, Bianca had to get the nose tube again. This was the 4th time and she really did not enjoy the experience. She was pretty grumpy all day long and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. Terence arrived at approximately 17:30 and brought Bianca a lego set as a reward for being so brave. We were discharged at 18:00, but only left at approximately 19:00 because Bianca insists on removing the plaster herself (the one on her chest holding the IV line in place).

Later that night when we were ready to start the tube feeding process we noticed that there was a bit of a problem and Bianca's breathing was quite wheezy again. So Terence took her back to the hospital and they spent the night again in room 6.


On the Saturday, they did an X-Ray and realised that the nose tube shifted (probably from coughing) and shifted into her lung, so they removed the tube and they were discharged at approximately 12:00. 5 Minutes later Bianca perked up completely and she was a totally different person. In the afternoon Terence and the kids went to Tawa park to feed the ducks. That evening we had a picnic supper on the carpet and afterwards Bianca and I wrapped Daddy's father's day present. Bianca also wrote a "D" in both cards (for Daddy) and a "B" in one (from Bianca) and a "C" in the other (from Caitlyn).


It was father's day here in New Zealand and Bianca helped with breakfast and setting the table and she gave Daddy his presents. Later in the afternoon Daddy took his girls to Aotea Lagoon (close to us) where they went for a nice stroll and a play in the park. There was a little train too, but they did not go on it and will maybe next time.