A busy week

Things are going well, although it is a bit cold at the moment.

The past week and a bit was a bit rough with Caitlyn as she had a tummy bug, she is also teething, got nappy rash because of the teething and now has an ear infection (which the doctor says happened after the cold she recently had). The ear infection is not really bothering her much. And then for 2 days or so she went through a growth spurt which meant she woke more often at night for feeds.

On Sunday, Bianca went to a birthday party and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was dressed as an Autumn Fairy. She got to see some of her friends from daycare.

On Sunday afternoon, Terence, Sanna and Bianca went to see The Wellington Phoenix play soccer against the team from Perth. We got tickets from The Child Cancer Foundation (through the generosity of Terry Serepisos and the Wellington Phoenix team) and had some snacks and beverages prior to the match starting. Bianca had lots of fun playing with Sean and she was happy to see Liam also came to the match. Both are Oncology Patients. Wellington Phoenix won. Terence doesn't know much about soccer, but it is quite popular in Sweden, so Sanna had a pretty good time.

On Monday nights Terence plays squash at the Tawa Squash club. He really enjoys it and tries to go every week. I can't see any point in running after a tiny little ball in a confined space... :-). Sanna is into sport and played soccer when she was younger. She also did ballet and figure skating (and she was a figure skating coach!). So she went along on Monday to play squash. She never played before, but really enjoyed it and was quite good for somebody who played it for the first time. I think she will be giving Terence a run for his money soon! :-).

On Tuesday, Sanna, Bianca and I went to the Child Cancer Foundation as they had morning tea and crafts for the kids. Bianca and Sanna made a necklace and Bianca also made a door hanger. Bianca loved playing with the various toys they have.

Tomorrow night Sanna will be babysitting and Terence and I will go out - probably to the movies and then supper.