And we're back!

On Sunday Bianca had to go to hospital for a blood test and platelets. So first they did the blood test and then had to wait for the results to see if platelets were needed. During the waiting time, Terence and Bianca went to a park to play. When they got back, she needed platelets, but they started quite late so basically they spent the whole of Sunday at the hospital.

Today Bianca had to go to hospital for her chemo treatment. I was going to take her, but last night was a difficult night as Caitlyn has a cold at the moment and does not sleep very well so she kept me up a bit. Just before Terence and the kids left, Bianca became sick and her nose tube fell out. At the hospital they first did a blood test to ensure her levels were high enough for her treatment she was due to get today. While they waited for the blood test results, Bianca had to get an ultrasound - a while ago Bianca had kidney stones so this was a routine check. The Child Cancer Foundation organised a photography session - Renée, a photographer donated her time. Along with her there were some other activities including face painting. So Bianca got her face painted like a tiger and Renée took some photographs of Daddy and Bianca.

Bianca then received her treatment, the one was into her port and the other an injection into her leg. She was extremely brave and kept her legs really still. They then had to wait 2 hours to ensure that there were no allergic reaction to the injection. While they waited, daycare phoned and asked Terence to collect Caitlyn as she was not really settling well (so we booked an appointment with the GP for tomorrow afternoon).

Just after an hour had passed, Bianca suddenly had another broncospasm (a coughing fit) and as a result she got sick again. She also developed a rash (and we are not sure if this is a reaction to the injection or something else). So she needed to go on a nebuliser as well as oxygen. So tonight she will be staying in hospital and they will see what she is like again tomorrow and then decide if she will still have to stay or if she can come home.

She was pretty tired after it all and the medicine they gave her made her sleepy as well.

So all in all an eventful day for us.

Caitlyn started making distinct sounds and she would babble "mamamamama" and Terence said she said something that sounded very much like "Ianca" when she saw Bianca this afternoon. Maybe just his imagination, but still pretty cool. Here Caitlyn is trying very hard to crawl.