Having fun

I have been having good fun with my photo-a-day challenge blog. It gives me a different focus, it is a simple concept really, but so cool.

I know Terence says I'm missing the point and it really should be photos of myself, but I'm not a fan of taking photos of myself. I much rather prefer to be the photographer snapping away behind the camera (not that I'm a very good photographer, but whatever). Some people simply just put a photo (no words necessary), but their photos are just so creative and beautiful and artistic, not like my photographic abilities. So I tend to put a bit of explanation of what it was about. Maybe as I go along I'll get much better at it. But in the meantime I'm just having some fun with it.

But do you know what I enjoy even more? Is to look at other photos - so come on, use your current blog or create a new one and get going and share the link so I can see your photo of the day!

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vivh said...

Okay I've created a new blog and will post a photo every day, it will be a photo I have taken that day... I take photos pretty much every day any way, so it shouldn't be hard to keep up!! I've gone back a few days because I had photos I had taken each day for that period! You will find it at: