A photo challenge

I have taken up the challenge to take 1 photo every day of the year. Not quite sure if I'll actually be able to stick to it or not, but what the heck! I'm going to try anyway. And now I'm challenging you too to take up the challenge. If you do, be sure to leave me a comment with the link :-).

So I'm trying a brand new site I've never used before, but seems pretty perfect for something like this (Click here for this site). And just because I'm me and because familiar feels comfortable and safe I've set up a blog for my photo challenge and then as I go along I'll see which one will work best. So for the photo challenge blog, click here.

Warning - my first photo is a boring and predictable choice, but hopefully as I go along I'll become more creative in my photo choices.

So here goes - TAG YOU'RE IT!!!


Sharon said...

Does it count if I've taken about 365 photo's since the 13th Decembe? ;-)

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Ok I am going to try and meet your challenge! I'm posting yesterdays photo today in yesterdays post, posted today! Are ya with me?? Never mind...it's here in thos post! lol