Friendship Bracelet

Today Bianca came back from camp. It sounds like she had a great time (so much so she was crying tonight because she still wanted to be at camp). And Caitlyn was sooooo excited to see her big sister when we went to get Caitlyn from daycare. Bianca was wearing this cool bracelet. The kids and the companions made friendship bracelets for and with each other. And I guess that's what Camp Quality is all about - making friends. She'll have to take it off when school starts, but in the meantime, she's vowed to wear it all the time :-).


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Sharon said...

That is so cute! Glad to hear she had a good time!

matt said...

Very random to find this site, I made the one in the middle. I am suprised they lasted as long as they did

Bianca is awesome! good luck for school :)

Companion Matt