And another year gone

This year just went by so very fast, I can hardly believe it. Perhaps it is a sign that I'm getting old :-). I can't actually remember if we made any new years resolutions at the start of this year. Last year this time we were... that's right stuck in hospital and Bianca and I waited for 2009 watching the fireworks from our hospital window. So this year certainly ended quite a bit different. Right now Bianca is challenging her dad on a bull racing game on the Wii trying to knock down some scarecrows and jumping over obstacles. It is quite entertaining hearing her laugh each time she beats her dad. She truly is nothing more than a typical 6 year old (just the way we like it).

Did we make new years resolutions? I don't know. Possibly not. One thing I do know is that we achieved a lot - we lived life and we've made many good memories this year. Bianca started year 1 at school, Caitlyn turned 2 and suddenly she wasn't a baby anymore, but a little girl knowing what she wants. Then Bianca turned 6 and she had the best time ever sharing the day with her friends. This year was the year of losing teeth and tooth fairy visits. And most importantly Bianca finished her cancer treatment. Planting her tree will always be one of the most special and significant memories that we made this year. It is something I hope that in years to come will be a reminder to Bianca of the strength and courage she has shown, of how she stood tall despite dealing with cancer. And recently I received a job offer - I'm truly blessed to work for somebody who was willing to give me a chance, to look beyond the challenges we have dealt with and to look at the skills I am able to offer. It was a chance to step back into "normal" even though it felt a bit scary to step outside the world that became my comfort zone.

This past year is truly a year that we feel blessed and we look back with gratitude.

What are we hoping for for 2010? We are hoping for an uneventful year. A year where we are able to just settle back into our new normal. A year where we can find our feet again and get back on track with our goals that we wanted to set for ourselves in 2007. We are hoping that 2010 will bring happiness, fun, love and laughter for others and that the year won't be as hard as it was for some this past year.

And now as 2010 is just a bit more than 1 hour away, I wish you all the very best as you step into the start of a new year and the start of a new decade! Thank you for sticking by us, thank you for following our journey, for sharing our ups and downs. We really appreciate all the support. See you all next year :-).


Sharon said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!! I hope that 2010 brings you lots of peace and joy!

puppygirl said...

Happy New Year Bianca, Caitlin, Lea and Terence - may this year bring nothing but good things to you!!

superrelish said...

Wishing you all a wonderful 2010.

The Clam said...

Here is to a great 2010!!! ;)