Are there any photographers out there?

After Bianca was diagnosed and somewhere along the line, I "met" Felicia through our blog. I guess that is certainly the beauty of technology that it can bring people together despite the physical distance of being in different cities or countries.

From what I understand Felicia started the concept of "The Littlest Heroes Project" and this is such a great initiative where photographers offer photo sessions to kids living with serious illness and their families. I've seen some of the photos that Felicia has taken and all I can say is "wow"!

Years ago I tried to get into photography, and even tried doing a correspondence course, but I got stuck at the first assignment on capturing shadows on buildings and streets and so on. It was not so much the actual capturing of it - I mean really, anybody can take a photo of a shadow, but to do so with creativity and imagination - well, that's not so easy (especially if the assignment requires you to write down the location of the sun, time of the day, shutter speed and who knows what else), so I got distracted and I put my photography dreams to one side. I do love taking photos though (and do dream of the day that I might be able to try again) and we have thousands on our computer right now and whilst they might not be particularly good, they do have special meaning to us. I do sometimes wish I had better skills and equipment to capture aspects of Bianca's treatment or of the kids doing the things they do.

But back to the point of this entry.

Felicia wrote to me on Facebook and asked if I could forward a message to some photographers here in New Zealand. She has already involved some photographers in the US and other countries and is keen to include New Zealand in this initiative too. So if you are a photographer or if you know of somebody who might be interested (and even if you are in a different country), please do have a look at the website and see if this is something that you or somebody you know might be interested in. Personally I think this is such a special initiative!!!

PS - there are 3 photographers so far here in New Zealand who showed an interest, so thank you very much!!! Wouldn't it be great if we could cover most (if not all) of the major areas here in New Zealand?

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Anonymous said...

I love taking photographs and enjoy finding different subjects but I am not a photographer, just a bit snap happy! I hope you find what you are looking for.

CJ xx