Our day 3 of steroids

Normally when we give Bianca's medicines we have to give her supper, then wait 2 hours, then the medicines and then she needs to wait one more hour before she can eat again. So last night went a bit like this after Terence gave Bianca her medicine:

Bianca: "I'm hungry"

Terence: "I know, but you have to wait for an hour before you can eat again"

Bianca: "What time is that?"

Terence: "It is now 19:20 and you have to wait until the clock says 20:20 before you can eat again"

One minute later...

Bianca: "I'm really hungry, how much longer?"

Terence: "I will tell you when it is time, it is not time yet"

One minute later...

Bianca: "Is it time for me to eat yet?"

Terence: "Not yet"

Bianca: "How much longer?"

Terence: "Well it is now 19:22, and when the clock says 20:20, it will be time to eat"

One minute later...

Bianca: "I'm really hungry, can I eat yet?"

And so it went on every single minute for that whole hour until Bianca was finally able to eat again.


Jacqui said...

Poor little sweetheart!! And the worst it when you CAN'T eat!!!

Amanda said...

Shame man! At least she has a good appetite!

Anonymous said...

That must be awful for her! I can only imagine how long an hour must be to wait when you're that kind of hungry.