Check mate!!!

Yesterday we had another blood test for Bianca as her platelets were a bit on the low side around 2 weeks ago. We went to a local lab because there isn't much point to drive all the way to the city just for a test that will take all of maybe 5 minutes and since we didn't need an appointment, the local lab was a better option. This also meant that we could go straight after school and she didn't need to miss any time at school. Got the results today and Bianca's platelets are slightly up to 94, haemoglobin slightly down to 106 and neutrophils down to 0.51. Bianca's doctor then decided to lower her daily chemo dose a little bit and we need to do another blood test next week.

So now we are just hoping that Bianca doesn't pick up some or the other bug with her lower neutrophils.

About a week ago Bianca begged her dad to teach her how to play chess. So off I went to the shop in search of a cheap little chess set. There were quite a variety to choose from and there was a glass set and one that is supposed to teach kids how to play and one in a tin and finally Bianca chose one that came as part of a set of 12 different games like ludo, snakes and ladders, backgammon and so on. I must say Terence is really good at teaching Bianca how to play and she had the best time ever. Of course then it was time to go to bed and the set was put in the closet until tonight when Bianca insisted on playing again. I was so impressed that after playing only once, she was able to remember how to set the board up tonight (except that she had her dad's queen in the wrong position) and she even remembered what all the pieces were called. We had to help a little to remind her how to move the pieces, but for a 5 year old I think that is pretty impressive. Terence doesn't play very competitively with her yet (I should know because he doesn't show any mercy when I play chess with him) and Bianca exictedly said "check" each time and when she finally could say "check mate" well you should have seen her face. And just as fast as her face lit up, her face fell into utter disappointment because it was time to pack it up and go to bed (and she was all ready to play a second game). Oh well, at least the excitement is there and certainly tomorrow there will be a chance to play again.


Princess Fiona (according to my husband) said...

You think WE are amazing? You guys are the definition of amazing. Love the thought of watching such a little person play chess. Fletch has become fixated on Wii and is now at the point where none of us can beat him.

These kids....

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a pretty low blood count. I hope it all comes up quickly.
I just read on Terrances Twitter that he thought Bianca was coming down with something. So I hope she is ok.
Great about the chess too.
Have a great week,

Anonymous said...

I have a 'learn chess' app on my phone and my son appears to have taught himself how to play. He begged on the weekend to get our high quality Simpsons set out and proceeded to play a number of times with his dad. I stood by dumbfounded as I don't know how to play. It is amazing how much their little minds can hold.

Anonymous said...

Well it sure sounds to me that Bianca is a smart little girl! And an artistic one as well. Her picture of the elephant is really quite good and her handwriting and letters are great for her age!
Keep on playing chess, drawing, painting and having fun!
Rosemary NY

Anonymous said...

I think its fantastic that she's shown an interest in a game like Chess, clearly a very clever little girl!