I simply cannot wait!

After today I am sure that this week wasn't so much a weird craving week (although there is still tomorrow and anything is possible), it was a combination of a sore tummy, clinginess, sadness and extreme hunger (like in Bianca asking for food every 5 minutes, which would be okay if it was healthy things she wanted, but the only things she seems remotely interested in is popcorn, chocolate, yoghurt (okay so that is healthy) and crackers).

When it was time to dress Caitlyn this morning, Bianca went and got an outfit for Caitlyn. She spotted one of Caitlyn's skirts. A colourful, long one. And Bianca took an instant liking to this skirt... but unfortunately at that point Caitlyn spotted it and insisted on wearing it. I showed Bianca that it said "size 2", but Bianca insisted that it would fit her (which fair enough it does). She offered Caitlyn another skirt, but when Caitlyn still insisted on that particular skirt (despite me offering Bianca one of her own skirts), she went to her room and sat there sobbing her little heart out that her 2 year old sister did not want to share the 2 year old's skirt. And of course because this reaction is most likely as a direct result of steroids, there really was no point in even trying to convince Bianca that she was being unreasonable and so thankfully at some point Caitlyn was willing to give the skirt up and happiness returned to our home once again - big sigh of relief!!!

But throughout the day Bianca became super-clingy and followed me around like a shadow, insisting to sit next to me, and at one point indicating that she felt tired, but she didn't want to leave me.

Oh the joys of steroids!!!!

I simply cannot wait until the last dose of steroids for this month when tomorrow night arrives - I simply cannot wait.


Anonymous said...

i can imagine it must be really trying for you all.
Hang in there, the week is almost over.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are having a hard week with the steroids. It is almost over. I know how frustrating it is. Hang in there.
Rosemary NY

Amanda said...

Hi Lea, I nominated you for a sistehood award,you can get it on my blog!!
Hang in there!

Chatabox Girl said...

It must be hard for you when its the steriod week. Thankfully its over for you now :)

I hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good on Caitlyn for letting Bianca wear the skirt. What a sweetie. I'm glad that steroids are now over for a month (and not many to go).
It was fun meeting up with you both last week. Have a happy week.