I couldn't believe it!

"She died Dec 8, 2008" was the comment some insensitive idiot left on Bianca's YouTube video. Not once, but twice. Thankfully we get notifications when people leave comments and so I was able to go in and delete it, block the user from ever leaving comments again and leave my own message. I felt so upset that somebody could actually leave such a horrible comment that isn't even remotely true.

So for everybody out there know this: Bianca is doing very well at the moment. She is still tolerating her treatments very well and yes, steroids are often driving us crazy and affecting Bianca's eating habits, her moods and does sometimes disrupt her routines. It is disappointing that she continues to lose hair just when they start growing nicely, but that's just part of the treatment and we accept it and cope well with it. But she's going to school, she's thinking of her 6th birthday, she loves playing tennis and for most of it is doing typical 5 year old things.

So if you can't say something positive, please don't leave any comments!


Anonymous said...

Lea, I can only imagine how hurtful and shocking that comment must have been. All I can say is the world is full of idiots, sadly they're everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Lea, That is horrible. I am so sorry some one, probably with a very small brain, has done that.
Love Hannah

superrelish said...

I haven't seen the video before, it is beautiful. How can people be so cruel and insensitive?

Anonymous said...

That person deserves to be cyberslapped into next Thursday.

*shakes head*


Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone could be so insensitive. I think the allure of anonymity makes people say things that they never would in person(but it is NEVER right). I am so sorry you had to go through this.
I hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Lea, I was upset reading your post. It's a shame that someone commented without full knowledge of how Bianca is doing in reality.

Here's hoping that they get the message that Bianca is as healthy as she is able to be, cute as a button, and going to be around for a long time yet! Maybe next time they will check before commenting.

Anonymous said...
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