When it is September...

Today Bianca told me "when it is September, my hair will grow long and I can get earrings" and her whole face lit up at the thought.

Yesterday's hospital visit was incredibly long. At 1pm we got there, did our blood test and then saw our doctor at around 2pm. As usual a pretty good visit and all Bianca's counts look good, except the Platelets. Neutrophils and Haemoglobin are down slightly but still good and platelets down to 87. Now normally 87 is low, but not low enough for a transfusion, and right now Bianca has quite a few bruises so we'll do another blood test in 2 weeks' time to see if they are busy coming up again or still down. So until then we'll be on bruise watch. And in the meantime Bianca is still on the full dose chemo she was last month.

And then we waited. And whilst we waited Bianca had the best fun ever playing with another little girl and she was giggling so much.

Finally at around 4:30pm or 5pm they gave Bianca's Vincristine and started her IVIG. We ran late in the morning and so I didn't have time to pack lots of things for Bianca to do and I wasn't too worried because I figured we would just watch some shows. Turned out that unfortunately the TV wasn't working and so we sat there with a few sheets of paper and a few crayons and some books that we borrowed from the play room. By the time it was 7pm and they finally removed the IV line, we were both so ready to go home.

Yesterday was our first day of steroids and so today she was mostly hungry, eating pretty much all the time and craving crackers and popcorn (far better than the wild boar she craved not too long ago). By tonight she started complaining of a sore tummy and she ended up being really sad and so it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Lucky only until Saturday and then we'll get a break from the steroids again.


Anonymous said...

It really does not sound like much fun! I hope that tomorrow is a better day.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. We also had a day like that yesterday. We were supposed to be out of hospital by 17:00 and only left at 20:00. Those 3 hours really got to me! But not so much to Woutertjie, surprisingly.

Hoping her platelets increase well and that the steroids don't mess too much with her!