Easter Bunnies and Rock Pools

We had a lovely day!

The Easter Bunny decided to arrive today (Friday) instead of Sunday. I guess he knew that the kids would likely end up high on sugar and so it would be best to have most of the weekend to recover before next week. The kids were so excited and surprised to find all the Easter eggs hidden in various spots inside our house.

"Look Mommy, chocolate bunny"

"Hey look over here!"

"Hmmm, chocolate""Yes, hmmm chocolate"As it was a beautiful sunny day we decided to take the kids to ride their bikes at the school. Both kids are actually too big for their bikes, so we'll have to make a plan at some point to try and get bigger bikes. But either way, they had lots of fun.

I attempted throwing the ball through the netball hoop which brought back some memories from when I used to play netball at school. I wasn't particularly good at the time, but I enjoyed it.
Afterwards we went to Rothesay Bay Beach.

Bianca took her fishing net along, but she didn't spot any fish in any of the rock pools.

Caitlyn didn't quite understand the concept of looking into the pools, and instead splashed right through them (thank goodness she was wearing her swimming costume).

In one of the pools we noticed some shrimps and that was so cool!

We don't really have any plans for the rest of the weekend, so we'll just see how it goes. If today was an indication of what the rest of the weekend will be like, then I'm sure it will be very relaxing which will be perfect before Tuesday when we start steroids again.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that you will have a nice, relaxing weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic Easter surprise for the girls. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend before the steroids start again. Happy Easter.

Hannah R said...

Happy Easter to you and your family Lea.

Anonymous said...

OMW! I love love love Caitlyn's chubby thighs! They are just edible.

Wishing you a healthy and blessed Easter time.