A day of movies, rest and pedialyte

Thankfully Bianca did not have to be admitted. I have to be honest, I wasn't really in the mood for another hospital stay right now. Last night Bianca had to have some fluids before they could leave and finally they arrived back home at 1am this morning.

Bianca pretty much only wanted to spend the day in bed and so she's been watching some DVDs and sleeping in between. Every so often we are giving her some Pedialyte which we call pink medicine. She doesn't really like it and the one we have is bubblegum flavour, but she vowed she was not going to take the orange flavour which was the only other one available - so bubblegum flavour it is. She didn't want breakfast this morning, but this afternoon asked to have bone chicken from KFC (drumsticks), so far no vomiting again and that is good. Right now I don't really care what she eats as long as she does eat little bits here and there.

Her neutrophils have come up since we last decreased the chemo dose. I still won't send her to school until she is fully recovered from whatever it is her body is fighting at the moment, but at least she does have some ability to start fighting it and that is good. I guess it is a good thing that this coming week is the last week of school before the holidays and so even if she does not make school this week, she will have the holidays ahead of her to recover.

I do hope she recovers quickly so that she will at least be able to enjoy her holiday a little bit (although lying in bed watching movies could be fun too - especially on rainy days like today).

Tomorrow we have our clinic appointment that our doctor set up for us last week, so I guess it will be a fairly busy day for us.

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