An early start to our day...

Bianca woke up this morning around 5:22 informing us that she vomited sometime during the night as she slept. Ugggh! Just what we needed (not). So we put her in the shower and afterwards I put her into our bed for a bit more sleep. At this point Caitlyn woke up too declaring "I wake up. I go downstairs. I choose Chip 'n Dale". So I went to her, changed her nappy and managed to convince her to go back to bed and thankfully she slept or was at least quiet in her bed until around 6:15 when she loudly protested that "I wake up!".

So unfortunately Bianca is missing yet another day of school and the first day of her school production. The one that they only do every 3 years. She was going to be a fox - one of the speaking parts. Bianca doesn't say much about it, but I know she's a bit disappointed, especially since she knows her words so well and has been looking forward to this for weeks now. Oh well, such is life!

There is still tomorrow night and I'm really hoping that she will be well enough to participate in that one.


Anonymous said...

Such a shame she had to miss the first night!
Hope she's feeling better for tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

Bianca - I am so sorry you missed the production today. :( Here's hoping that you sleep through tonight & wake up feeling much better.

Anonymous said...

Hoping Bianca had a better night and was able to participate in her production. Fingers crossed!
Rosemary NY

Anonymous said...

Bianca, I hope you feel a lot better really soon.
Take care,
Bridget and Pete