I'm a little lost for words, but the words amazing, wow, incredible comes to mind...

Recently, Bethany Kerr from Happy to be called Mommy emailed me letting me know that she made a special surprise for us, and it arrived today. It is the most beautiful, amazing pencil drawing of Bianca and Caitlyn. All I can say is wow! It is so incredibly special and she is really such a talented artist. You should see her other website with some of her work, they are amazing: Bethany Kerr Fine Art.

Terence will be looking to get it framed and I can't wait until we can put it up on the wall.

Here is the photo that I took that Bethany saw on our blog:

And here is Bethany's drawing:

Bethany, it really made our day! When I opened your parcel, Bianca's face totally lit up and Caitlyn proudly pointed, saying "that's me!" Thank you so very much!


superrelish said...

What an amazing gift, the drawing of the girls AND the talent behind the drawing.

Anonymous said...

Wow what an incredible talent!!!!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

That is so very special! Great work!