Happy birthday Bianca

First for the soppy bit and then we'll get onto photos.

Today my little girl is 6. I can't believe how fast she is growing up and in some respects I wish she could stay 5 for just a little longer. On the one hand I am so happy for her, I totally share her excitement, but on the other hand it reminds me how much we wished the time away the past 2 years since she got sick just so that we could get to the end of treatment (which is only a mere 3 months away now). I feel a little sad that in some respects she had to grow up so much faster than a lot of other kids, having to learn to swallow tablets, having to be told she couldn't do something or have something because she is sick, but in another she seems like just a typical little girl (okay big girl now :D ) whose face lights up as she rips open her presents, who makes magical wishes for fairies (which come true with a little help :D ). And most of all, she is the most amazing 6 year old I know. She's achieved so much more in her 6 years than I have in my 32 years. She is truly our inspiration and our hero and we learn so much from her every single day.

Happy birthday my big girl (even though I always whisper, "you will always be my little girl") :D

Today was great (even though for some reason I kept thinking it is Friday). Terence and I woke up around 5:30 to have time to prepare the ordered bacon and eggs for breakfast and of course to get all the other morning things done for school and work, but turned out the kids woke up that time too. So we did presents first. And wow, Bianca had so many presents to open.

Thank you to all the family and friends who sent something special for Bianca and some of you even thought of Caitlyn even though it wasn't really her birthday (but of course if you asked Caitlyn she would tell you that it was her birthday).

Bianca loved all her presents and they were all perfect - the books and clothes and craft kits and jewellery items and so on, all just perfect! Bianca also took a big liking in an ostrich-resembling puppet and she had a great time walking the creature all around the house.

Then it was time for breakfast and time for school. After school Claire from CCF came for a visit and she had a special surprise for Bianca and also brought something for Caitlyn. Caitlyn proudly looked at that and said "that's Caitlyn's". Thank you so much Claire, you really made her day!

And of course tonight we had Nachos as Bianca requested and afterwards some chocolate cake that Bianca and Terence made last night.

So all in all, a great day and a great celebration.

Then to all of you who sent emails, thank you so much! Bianca will be responding to her emails this coming weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bianca!!!
You should be very proud Lea, she's a hero to many of us!

ABandCsMom said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow! She sure did get a lot of gifts. Although she is very deserving of all the gifts she received. Looks like she had a great day.