Quick update

Bianca stayed at home today. Well, let me tell you if anything, I learned today that I most definitely do not have a calling to become a homeschool mum. Wow, it was so challenging keeping Caitlyn busy and letting Bianca do school-related activities. Yes, most definitely not my cup of tea.

Chatted to Bianca's doctor today and her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is sitting at 0.51, so that's a bit better than we thought. He reduced her oral chemo and this will definitely help increase her counts and then she will be due for bloods and a check up on Monday again. There is still a chance she can make the play, but we'll keep her home from school. They only do the school production once every 3 years and we really don't want Bianca to miss out. I still remember my very first school production when I was in Year 1. Bianca has been practicing so hard. So lots of positive thoughts and prayers please.

Other than that, went for an interview with an agent today. It seemed to have gone well. I just feel hugely stupid that I became a bit emotional when we discussed Bianca even though I'm not all that sad about it anymore. So tomorrow I have to go and do testing - they always test your computer skills and she indicated that she was interested in discussing my details with the client - so fingers crossed they want to meet me.


superrelish said...

Fingers crossed for you and for Bianca to be well enough for the performance.

Lynn Lederer said...

Hi Bianca,
Sorry you're not feeling 100%. Not to worry you're going to be up and at the school play in no time. In the meantime we'll put in some prayers for you, and Jarrod will keep you in his prayers too.
Much love
The Leds