"Shhhhh! Quiet Mommy!"

My day started at around 6am with Caitlyn calling very loudly "MOMMY! I WAKE UP!!!" It is days like this that you wish they come with snooze buttons... The one option was to ignore it and hope she was somehow able to amuse herself thinking that I was still sleeping (even if it is just for 5 or 10 minutes longer), but that only encouraged her to keep calling and so when she called "MOMMY! I WAKE UP! I MAKING POOS!" I knew that that would be the end of my sleep and so I called back "I'm just waking up!" and she whispered "shhhh! Quiet Mommy!" because of course Bianca was still asleep. At times it is really hard keeping a straight face!

It seems that this week turned out particularly good and so far we haven't had any bad steroid side-effects. Bianca's been happy, coped really well with school. I'm so pleased because I had Caitlyn the whole week with me and Terence was in Wellington for the week. Today I'm a bit tired though so I am very pleased Terence is back.

I also learned that at least 2 people that I have come to know through this cancer journey will be making their way from Wellington to Auckland really soon for their treatment. I feel so sorry and so sad for them. It must be so hard to deal with on top of everything else. But I'm not surprised it happened, I just feel sad that it's come to this. If you are interested in reading the newspaper article, click here.

I also read in the printed copy of The Dominion Post: "Stocks of AB blood group have fallen to low levels, the Blood Service says. Levels of the AB negative and positive blood group are the lowest in six years. Group O blood levels were also low". So if you are in a position to donate, please do so. There are so many people right now who need a blood transfusion to help save their lives. You too can make a difference and become a hero to somebody like Bianca!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny about Caitlyn in the morning. It really made me laugh.
Great about steroids too. Maybe they sort of get used to steroids over time, as I know that Pete has been a million times better on them lately that he used to be. They are still hard for us, but they don't make our whole family melt down like they used to.
Anyway, I'm glad that Terence will be back soon to lend a hand. I never know how solo-Mums do it.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Are you sure your children and my children aren't in contact to trade ideas? My morning started out in a pretty similar way!