And so this is Christmas...

Oh my! I have been so busy, the days are just flying. I haven't even had 5 minutes in my day where I wondered what I will do next, it is just busy, busy, busy. But I'd much rather have that than being all bored. It is interesting being back at work after being home for so long. Still trying to get used to my new routine and find the best way to manage my time between responsibilities at home and at work, but I'm getting there. And of course with it being December means we just have so much happening. Terence actually started a Google calendar for us and it is looking pretty full (which makes me tired just thinking about that).

Last weekend we had the Child Cancer Foundation Christmas Party. It is always good to catch up with the other parents and the kids had such a great time playing. Terence is on the committee so he knows quite a few people too which was great for him to catch up with them too. It was a fairly simple concept, but really effective.

The kids had a blast on the jumping castle.

Caitlyn played soccer with the girl on stilts (yeah, that was quite interesting to watch).

And then it was time to meet Santa.
Tonight we put up the Christmas tree. The kids could hardly wait. And this year Caitlyn was totally into it hanging decorations and deciding what she wanted to put where. I actually had to go out and buy some more decorations because for some reason this year we have less decorations than last year. Perhaps they fell victim to the same monster that runs away with socks - you know - you put two socks in the wash and only one comes back...

We thought we'd give Caitlyn a turn this year to put the star at the top, but she wasn't too keen and so Bianca had an opportunity.

I must say I'm quite pleased that our local mall has been playing some Christmas songs. There is just something magical about songs like "So this is Christmas" (which has always been one of my favourites), Last Christmas and Mistletoe and Wine. Okay, okay I know I'm terribly old fashioned, but these songs bring back so many memories. And I know it irritates Terence no end when I start playing all these Christmas songs (over and over), but I think once a year he can grin and bear it :-).


Sharon said...

Looks like you had a great time!

The Clam said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all - as usual. Your family time always makes my heart shine.