We are so impressed with Bianca, this morning she spelled the word sceptre correctly. I mean "what!?" What 6 year old can spell this type of word? I most certainly couldn't spell words like this when I was 6.

I can't believe that Bianca is so nearly done with Year 1. It feels just like yesterday that she started school as a little 5 year old in Year zero. In fact this term finishes on Wednesday and that means Christmas is really just around the corner. Thankfully I think, our Christmas shopping is pretty much done. The crowds at the shopping mall are just crazy right now. The girls are so excited and can hardly wait though. We're not planning much, and will probably just have a quite Christmas at home.

This coming weekend we might take a trip to the Bay of Plenty. We've never been there and it might be nice to go see what it looks like. I heard the beaches are really nice (alhtough the beaches here are nice too). So we'll see closer to the time what the weather might be like.

And other than that, just not much news at the moment. Just anxiously waiting to get updates from my blogging buddy Sharon as they are about to embark on their adoption journey. Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts that all will go well.

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