Crazy hair Day

Firstly I must say thank you to C, J and Z for their donation to the Funrazor event. Thank you so very much. With your help I'm now sitting at $690.

The day started with a Crazy Hair theme - Bianca had a Crazy Hair day at school and initially she was disappointed that we couldn't find coloured hair spray, but we came up with another idea:

When she saw it she was quite pleased and ended up receiving a certificate for one of the girls with the craziest hair. Of course when Caitlyn saw what I was doing with Bianca's hair she wanted ponytails too...

Of course one exciting thing about the Crazy hair day is that Bianca's hair was actually long enough to put into that style. Last year this time her hair was still so thin, but just look at her now!

So then this afternoon was the Funrazor event. After we got Bianca from school we quickly rushed home so I could wash out the hair gel so that she could have a normal hairstyle for the photos in the afternoon. And then it was the big moment...

We took this before-shot. Bianca was wearing all her courage beads and somebody actually came up to us asking us about Bianca's beads. It was so cool to be able to share.

Having a bit of an interview:

Bianca didn't shave all my hair like last year, I would've liked it if she did, but I think they were a bit worried it would take too long, but anyway, she still managed to do a little bit and it was cool that she was part of it!

As I was busy getting my hair shaved a lady turned to Terence who watching saying "I bet her husband is going to kill her when she gets home" and Terence replied "no, I'm fine with it".

Bianca then helped to shave Terence's head:

Terence was so lucky - he got his hair shaved by somebody famous - Shaun Edwards-Brown who plays Ben on Shortland Street.

I managed to get a photo taken with Ben (and of course this is me with my new hair-do). Whoo-hoo I actually got to meet somebody famous, that is so cool!

And I met Linda, one of my Facebook friends at the event. She came with the intention just to watch, but I convinced her that it would be a great idea to get her hair shaved too:

Thank you Linda, you are great!!!


Sharon said...

Better late than never! Can't believe I almost missed my opportunity to show my support.
Looks like you had a blast and the pony tails look great!

Anonymous said...

Again, you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fab time was had by all - well done on the funds raised so far!


Anonymous said...

Hey Baldy!!!!
Congrats on the shaving.
Thanks for the Santa link. I sent Connor's info through and he got his Santa message this morning. What an awesome sight watching him watch Santa. I think everyone who has a child should follow that link. Thanks again for sharing it with us.
Love and hugs to the girls.