Our Christmas Celebrations

I hope you all had a wonderful magical Christmas. Our celebrations started on Thursday afternoon when I left for work. I needed to drop something off at my boss' home on the way to our house and Bianca wanted to take a small little something for their dog. Bianca loves dogs and if she could have a puppy today it would be a dream come true, but unfortunately it will take a while longer before she could have her own puppy as our rental agreement is very clear - NO PETS! So anyway, giving a present to my boss' dog was an exciting moment for her. She gave Charlie a dog-friendly chewy christmas cracker and a rope toy. On the way home she kept saying "he liked my present".

We opted for a quiet celebration at home. We bought a Wii as a family present. We never buy anything big really because we simply hate spending money on things we don't need (big luxury things I mean) and we hate the concept of debt so there is no way we'll buy things like furniture or electronic equipment if we can't afford it. We are always looking for things to do as a family together and thought that a Wii console would be perfect. Much cheaper than going to the movies in the long run and something that all of us can enjoy (well Caitlyn not quite yet as she's a bit too small to realise what it is about, but Bianca simply loves playing with us).

So Thursday night we had a light supper and then brought out the family present. I never really realised just how compeitive Bianca really was until she played a game against her dad. But she had lots of fun and if it wasn't for bedtime she would have kept going I'm sure.

The girls left cookies and milk for Santa and then it was bedtime.

Bianca asked if she could sleep behind the couch to wait for Santa and we convinced her that her bed would be much more comfortable and that if she heard him in the night she could come downstairs to say hello. Santa didn't have to worry though because within 30 minutes she was fast asleep.

The next morning around 6am Caitlyn came into our room and whispered to see if we were awake, we convinced her to lie next to us for just a little bit and then she got up went to their room and said "Wake up Banca Leigh White, it's Christmas". (She used to call Bianca "Bakey" and now it is "Banca Leigh White").

And then the excitement began when they noticed that Santa left them what they asked for - roller blades for Bianca and a pink scooter for Caitlyn and a few other goodies om their stockings.

This year we got Caitlyn to help hand out presents and she had a great time recognising the different names on the parcels.

Bianca was also very excited to realise she was part of a Secret Santa. Recently I was contacted by somebody who asked if they could make Bianca their Secret Santa and so she's been getting some gifts and cards. Thank you! It really made her day! She loves getting things in the mail that are addressed to her. The gifts and cards were perfect!

Later in the afternoon the girls and Terence went for a swim in our complex pool and they had a great time!

And then just to remind us that we are still walking the leukemia journey...

Last night Bianca complained her port area was sore and again this morning so Terence and Bianca set off for Starship where they spent the next 8.5 hours getting her checked-out by the registrar, waiting, x-ray, waiting some more and finally they could come home with the instruction to give paracetamol every 4 hours if needed and they will set another appointment for Tuesday or Wednesday to review. They are not concerned and there wasn't anything to worry about on the x-ray and they suspect that perhaps she may have bruised herself internally a bit playing Wii Sword fighting with her dad or something. So I see a quiet few days for Bianca until we've seen the doctor again.


Sharon said...

Sounds like you all had a fantastic time! I can't believe how well Bianca is looking!

Dirty Mouth said...

So glad for you to be off treatment. We just finished a SECOND delayed intensification today.

I cried. It felt like we'd never get there.

Hope all is well in your world today. If you want to check out our story.


The Clam said...

Sounds like a divine Christmas - hope Bianca is feeling better now my friend.