Day 11 - Delayed Intensification

Today Caitlyn is 9 months old. I cannot believe it. Time really flies so very quickly. Caitlyn is a real busy body, she is now pretty much into everything and we now have to think like a baby, see things like a baby and making sure that she can't get into trouble. So it is quite exhausting but lots of fun looking after her.

Bianca had her last injection into her leg today - that is 6 all together. Usually I sit behind her so that I can help hold her still if need be and I could just see her little heart beating - she must have felt so scared, knowing what was about to happen. But it was the very last one. Thank goodness. As usual Bianca cried and felt pretty upset, but calmed down when we got to the room and then she slept during the 3 hour waiting period.

Bianca got to choose a special bravery bead today. It is a unique and very different bead and she chose it before the injection. We knew that afterwards she wouldn't be very interested.

I was quite impressed that she didn't cry when I had to pull off the plaster and Jo removed the wiggle. Usually she hates this part, but today she coped really well.

On a Thursday the SPCA brings some puppies for the children to look at and interact with. It is good for the children and good for the puppies. So Bianca met the most gorgeous puppies. Just yesterday morning Bianca sat next to me on the way to the hospital saying "I wish I had a cat" and I replied that we might get a cat when she is all better (of course she is not allowed to get a cat at the moment) and then she said "I was talking to my baby". We also saw a therapy dog.

For the rest of the day Bianca's moods went up and down. One moment happy, chatting and the next all down in the dumps. It is not fun when it is like this and you know that there is nothing you can do to make it better.

Today I feel quite exhausted. It's been a busy and full-on week and lucky tomorrow will be quiet and we won't need to go to the hospital. Bianca was going to have a play date, but unfortunately Georgia became sick - we'll reschedule at some point in time.

Medicines today:
  • Dexamethasone - 3.5 tablets in the morning, 4 tablets at night
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25ml in the morning, 6.25ml at night
  • Fluconozole - 10ml at night
  • Erwinia injection into leg (this is chemo) and injection 6 of 6

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog via the 'life with leukaemia' blog site which I visit regularly. My daughter Leonie age 5 also has ALL pre B like your daughter. She will finish treatment in about 10-11 months. The intensive period you are going through at the moment is tough on all of you but the whole thing is a count down to the maintenace phase which is really much much easier, with far less side effects. The only bit of advice I would give for the intensive block is to really keep clear of all possible sources of infection. After loads of in-out infection stays in hospital we went for a lock down at home, no one in and no taking Leonie out unless to a quiet park. It was a hard time but we made maintenance and we have only had one admission in the last 6 months (just for 48 hours).

Your daughter Bianca looks like a great trooper and has brilliant handwriting for a 4 year old. Wishing you all the best across the oceans from Ireland,