The next phase starting on Monday

On Monday we are starting the Delayed Intensification Phase which will be for 56 days - well 42 days, but then it seems 2 weeks recovery before it will be completed. If all goes well, shortly thereafter we will go onto the maintenance phase for the remainder of her treatment.

So basically we will have the following in the next phase:

This phase will be much more intense and Bianca is likely to have much lower levels than before and as a result will be at higher risk of developing infections with exposure to sick people. So I foresee this phase to be more isolated than the last one as Bianca will have to avoid crowded places. At least with the last phase Bianca was able to go to the shop every so often when her levels were high enough.

Not really looking forward to it, especially the Asparaginase and Cytarabine. Bianca really does not like these!

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