Just another day in hospital

The last few days I am driving approximately 110km a day (backwards and forwards to and from the hospital), but I am not complaining because it is far better to do all this travel and get Bianca out of the room. Even though it is a bit tiring, it is just such a highlight to see Bianca's face light up when she gets home. Bianca was a bit emotional today, I guess she just wants to come home now.

Bianca watched teletummies today - well that is what the nurse called the ultrasound images of the scan Bianca went for.

Bianca needed an ultrasound scan to check her kidneys and bladder function. A while ago she had kidney stones (quite unusual for a 4 year old to get kidney stones), so I would imagine it was to check whether she still has kidney stones or if it cleared up.

Today Bianca showed Caitlyn some of the puzzle pieces of one of the baby puzzles that used to be Bianca's. It has all sorts of baby animals and Bianca lifted up the bear and said "Look Caitlyn, a baby bear" so I said "bear cub" and Bianca replied "bear cub". She put it back and then picked up the turtle and said "look Caitlyn a turtle cub" well, I laughed so much I could not say anything.

Terence received some sponsorships for Movember, so thank you so very much to all of you sponsoring him.

After today Bianca will have 397 beads, we are just waiting for more stock to arrive and will then get the beads that are still outstanding.

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