Day 14 - Delayed Intensification

It is hard to believe that in exactly a month it is Christmas and in exactly a month and 1 week we will enter 2008. In one week it would be exactly 6 months since Bianca was first admitted to hospital. It really feels like a lifetime ago.

In this phase it seems that Bianca gets tired really quickly and she is only able to manage a few activities before she wants to take a rest, so a few times she would fall asleep on the couch and we have to carry her to bed. I'm hopeful that in the next phase the energy levels will pick up.

The remnants of a very rough week last week, not sure how long the bruises of the injections will stay:

Today we didn't do much at all. Apart from getting tired quickly, Bianca seemed happier today. We are not too sure what her counts are like at the moment, and hopefully tomorrow I am able to find out. So for now we are keeping her away from places that are too crowded.

Daddy and Bianca drinking hot chocolate. Bianca didn't finish hers.

Bianca really really wants to go fishing. So I will have to find out about a good place to take a 4 year old fishing where she is likely to be able to catch a fish - any suggestions would be welcome, what I know of fishing is really dangerous. She keeps asking if we could please get her a fishing rod, so I guess that will be one of the things we get pretty soon. We asked her earlier today what would happen if we caught a fish and she answered "then we'd be rich". Later when I asked her again she said "bring it home", I asked her what would happen if we brought the fish home and she answered "you'd cook it".

Tomorrow another day at the hospital for chemo.

Took the cutest photo of Caitlyn:
Medicines today:
  • Dexamethasone - 3.5 tablets in the morning, 4 tablets at night
  • Fluconozole - 10ml at night

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