Still in hospital

Well, Bianca is still in hospital. No word yet on when she will be discharged. They are still treating the infection - not yet sure exactly what it is.

Today at least she was allowed a visit home in between antibiotics so they gave her her antibiotics at 09:30 this morning and then we dropped Terence off at work and Bianca and I went home. She was so very excited to see Caitlyn and just loved spending lots of time with her. The two girls are really fond of each other and Bianca just loves being a big sister. I left the kids with Sanna and quickly went to the shop to get a few things and then when I came back, Bianca and I went to the beach for a little bit. Bianca had lots of fun running around on the beach, picking up rocks and shells and playing with the sand. She didn't swim or anything, but did go into the water a little bit. It was good to see her so very happy and full of life.

15:00 we had to leave, got Terence from work and then had to be back at the hospital at 16:00. We got a few more beads today, but they were short on the one colour so we will have to get that when they get stock. We are sitting at 366 beads up to and including today.

Tonight Terence will be at the hospital with Bianca and I will probably sleep there tomorrow night and on Sunday night. Then on Monday I will be there during the day and Terence will be back on night shift for the week.

Caitlyn is doing great. She slept through last night so it was good to have a full night sleep. A new thing for Caitlyn is that she will pull herself into a standing position if you hold her hands and last night after her bath she kept pulling the towel over her face and then moving it down so that I can say "there she is". So it seems a new "after bath" game. It was really cute and lots of fun to see her cover her face and then move it down in anticipation.

Here is a video clip of Caitlyn pulling herself into a standing position.

Tonight I feel a bit tired. I was hoping that Bianca would have been discharged today so that things could just get back to normal, but we were not so lucky. At least for most of it Bianca is pretty well and happy, I just wish the infection (whatever it is) would just go away now so that we can move on.

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Anonymous said...

What about the possibility to be treated in home?
It's great to see your kids and Sanna playing with Caitlyn. It's a strange feeling.