Discharged from hospital

On Friday morning Bianca was discharged from hospital after a 10 day admission period. Lucky for us she was able to visit home every day so that helped. She was so excited when she was discharged on Friday and realising she wouldn't have to go back to the hospital to stay that night.

Yesterday Bianca visited her friend Edie and the two of them had great fun. Edie was a friend from Bianca's daycare. Biana told me "we played in Edie's room and made a big mess and then I helped to clean it up when it was time to go home". David, Edie's dad used to live in Melbourne and the two guys chatted about Terence's trip to Melbourne recently. I stayed home because Caitlyn is now in a routine where she goes to sleep at 9:30 each morning so for now I try and stick to that routine. In the afternoon I went to a tupperware party.

News with Caitlyn is that she now has 8 teeth and it looks like number 9 wants to make an appearance at the top. She sleeps through more often (but will probably wake up tonight just because I wrote it here and to prove a point :0) ... ). She is now able to sit, then move onto her tummy to "crawl" around and then get herself sitting again. Every so often she will get onto her hands and knees, tummy off the ground and try and move around, but then will get impatient and then back onto her tummy to drag herself to where she wants to go. She has now also started to pull herself into a standing position if you hold your hands out to her and then she will stand there bouncing - very proud of herself.

Holding her own bottle...

Bianca's hair is growing back, but I suspect she will probably lose some of it again now in the next phase. Now in the week Bianca entered a competition at the hospital. Kate, the play specialist gave her a big pad of paper and some crayons and then Bianca had to draw a Christmas picture and if she wins she might win a DVD player and get her picture printed on the hospital Christmas cards. So we will see if we stand a chance or not. Either way, she had fun and that is the most important thing. Bianca drew a Father Christmas, a Christmas tree with some decorations and a big star on top and then 4 presents. I thought it looked really good and even Kate said it was pretty good.

It was raining this morning and Bianca decided it was a good opportunity to grab her umbrella, raincoat and gumboots.

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