Monday and another day in hospital

Bianca is still in hospital. It seems that she will be there probably until Friday. Well the doctor indicated that she would need a total of 10 days antibiotics (and I counted until Friday) - so here's hoping...

She still has raised infection levels - although lower than before, but we are still not 100% sure what exactly. But then Bianca's never been a straight-forward case, she tends to get all sorts of things that are out of the ordinary, like getting a rash that nobody would have any clue what it would be.

The good thing is that for most of it, Bianca is pretty happy. We are still allowed visits home after the 9:30 antibiotics each morning and then we need to be back at the hospital for 16:00. The antibiotics are IV antibiotics. This morning she told Dr Anne "Caitlyn is missing me". And then she just lightens up so much when she sees her baby sister when we arrive home. I think this time round she finds it a little hard not being able to see Caitlyn as often as she is used to.

By the afternoon on the way back to the hospital Bianca is usually exhausted and takes a nap on the way.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go see an Air Display that was put on by the Life Flight Trust. Bianca really enjoyed it and it was so exciting to see the aircraft up close - especially the helicopter. The helicopter had to leave shortly thereafter on a mission, so we saw it take off. It was cool.

Sitting on Daddy's shoulders - the best place to be...

Wow, look at the helicopter!

Bianca the helicopter pilot...

This patient was a real "dummy".

Getting ready to go on a mission.

Almost ready for take-off.

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