Day 12 - Delayed Intensification

Today was a very grumpy day for Bianca. She told Sanna "I'm not talkative". We kept suggesting activities, but she was only interested in lying on the couch with her blanket and her pillow and at one point asked me to make her a hot water bottle (and it wasn't even very cold today), so she was definitely not herself. I hate it when she is like this and I really miss the days where she was a busy body, always on the go, always interested in a lot of things.

It seems as if the Dexamethasone is making her mostly grumpy this time round. The very first time she went on it she was hungry all the time and drove me nearly mad with her constant asking for food and I was seriously concerned that I would have to get up at 3am to make food for the full 2 years. This time round she has become a little bit more hungry than usual, but not yet as much as the first time. It might still happen, but now looking back it almost seems that the constant eating was easier to manage - I much prefer her hungry and happy than not so hungry and very grumpy and down in the dumps. It will be interesting to see how it will affect her once she is on maintenance and still needs it for 5 days every month.

Got a call from the property manager today. The Aotea block where we live has some rules and stuff that people need to follow, I presume relating to the maintenance of the gardens, the way people build houses and so on. It has a sales office right at the entrance.

So of course they have people who do checks every so often and of course we haven't had time to check up on our lawn. We have somebody that is supposed to come, but they haven't been for a while and the beginning of the week left a message to say they would come soon, but they haven't been as yet and I just did not have time to follow up with them. So it started looking like a jungle.

The property manager got a call from the Aotea management people complaining about our gardens and he then arranged with the people who maintain the vacant sections to come and cut our grass today. "Thank you so much Steve, you were a lifesaver". So this weekend we will now go out and get a lawnmower so that we can do this ourselves and this way we won't have to sit and wait for somebody who doesn't come regularly. We can't really afford to make our property manager upset with us...

I've been meaning to do several tasks that are busy irritating me and one of it was the play area. It was high time to go through and sort out the toys and throw out the ones Bianca really does not play with anymore, so this afternoon I jumped in and did it while Sanna quickly fed Caitlyn her supper. Of course by the time Caitlyn was finished eating I was still busy and the whole floor was still covered in toys as I was going through and sorting out. Mistake #1 - tidy and sort out with a curious 9 month old in the same room. I ended up picking up the same things 10 times. Perhaps I should have waited until tonight after she has gone to bed, but I know if I don't do these things immediately then something will come up or I will feel too tired and so another day will follow and it will still be the same. Our garage with all our boxes can confirm that.

This year is really turning into an "I've been meaning to..." and an "I should've" year.

Medicines today:
  • Dexamethasone - 3.5 tablets in the morning, 4 tablets at night
  • Fluconozole - 10ml at night


Nicoline Kotze said...

Hi there Lea, I saw the message that you left on our friend, Jacques website and had a look at yours.
What an amazing little girl she is... I'm sure that it's been rough on all of you, but reading through I realized that you have an amazingly positive outlook and that will pull you trough in the end.
Just wanted to say that your family are in our thoughts and we trust that all will go well with the treatments.
Jacques had also started another chemo session on Monday and not feeling so great at the moment....
Take care,
Nikki Kotze

Scott said...

So happy you guys found our blog -- we'll be praying for Bianca here in Los Angeles.

Scott Pearson