They grow up so fast, don't they?

We've always known that Caitlyn is taller and bigger than some of the other kids her age and it doesn't surprise us as she was 4.7kg (10.3 pounds) at birth (and took just over a week to outgrow her newborn nappies).

Just recently we had a BBQ here in the new complex where we stay and met up with some of the other people who live in the units around us. There was another little girl and we thought she must have been around 2 years old too, because she was slightly smaller than Caitlyn. Turned out she just turned 3!

Anyway, Caitlyn wanted to try on one of Bianca's dresses. Bianca loves this dress, but it is really too small for her now. It is a bit on the short side and too tight around her arms and so probably time to put this aside for Caitlyn anyway. This dress is a size 4 / 5 and so Caitlyn tried it on and it fits! We couldn't believe it.

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