End of the school term

Today was the last day of the school term for Bianca and we now have a 2 week break ahead of us. Of course once again our first actual day of the school holidays will be spent at the hospital for monthly hospital treatment.

Every term at Bianca's school they have a certain theme or topic that they cover. This past term was bees and how honey is made and so on. Today Bianca told me their topic for next term will be all about the body. So I asked Bianca what she knew about a body and she said "that it gets cancer".

I'm so happy Bianca was able to make the last two days of the school term. We don't like keeping her out of school. Of course whenever you ask her what she did during the day we usually get "I forgot". But we do know that she loves going and loves having a lot of friends, I'm so happy she is able to go to school!


Anonymous said...

What an appropriate topic for her, as her treatment nears its end. Lets hope that she gets to learn some more interesting and innocent things about her body and not just that it can get cancer! Seems sad that one so young should even know that!

Anonymous said...

I am glad Bianca made it back to school for the end of term. I am sure she will love learning about the body and how truly amazing it is in every way and not just in a life saving way.