Waiting to be admitted

Terence and Bianca are still sitting in ED and waiting for a room to be cleared so she can be admitted tonight. They took some swabs and started her on tamiflu and IV antibiotics from what I understand. Not sure if it is definitely flu or not, and likely until results from swabs come back, they will give tamiflu as precaution because she is at higher risk. She is slightly neutropenic at the moment, and her neutrophils are sitting at around 0.60.

So these school holidays she started off with a visit to the hospital for her monthly treatment and she ended it with a hospital admission.

Unfortunately because Caitlyn and I both have some illness symptoms we won't be able to see Bianca at this point in time, but thankfully Terence is well enough to stay with her and he can work from the hospital - what a blessing!

I have packed some school-related activities and hopefully Bianca will be able to do some of those so that she doesn't fall behind with her school work.

Unfortunately it seems unlikely that she'll be able to go to camp quality this coming weekend, but I'll wait until a bit closer to the time before I cancel it.

Oh fun and games!


Chrissy Neale said...

Hi Lea, Thinking of you. I hope that you stay warm and have some nice tea to soothe you. Thank goodness for Terence's flexible job!

Anonymous said...

I really hope that Bianca can still go to camp.
It made me worry that Pete may catch something at school and not be able to go. I am really hanging out for a good nights sleep. I wonder if they let kids go with just a mild cold, if Pete gets one.
Anyway, its good news that Bianca is going into 27B instead of a general ward, but what bad luck that she is there at all.
I really hope that she recovers quickly.