Right now Bianca and Terence are on their way to hospital.

We decided to phone Starship just to check if we can give her anything (I know onion syrup is fine, but we are not sure if we can give paracetamol or any other cold type of medicines) and they asked if we could please take her to the Emergency Department so that she can be checked out and swabs taken. I think it is more precaution than anything else because she is chirpy enough, doesn't have a fever (right now her temp is sitting around 37.5 and for us above 38 usually means admission to hospital). So we'll see what they say.

Bianca is excited though, she seems to enjoy the trips to hospital and this morning even asked when next she could go to theatre.

Edited at 11:20am - Bianca and Terence in an isolation room in ED waiting to see a doctor. Temperature currently sitting at 38.6.


Bethany said...

Praying for Bianca, and the rest of the family!

Anonymous said...

Hoping she's OK and can leave the hospital soon!!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hoping all is well with Bianca and that they get home before too long....
love and light