I "met" the most amazing person this week

Many times during our journey, I have encountered some amazing and often very generous people. This past week I met a person online who is so incredibly generous and I would like to share this with you.

A friend of mine and her family are currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House here in Auckland. Unfortunately they don't have a lot of space at the moment and so the family is stuck in a room that is probably no larger than the average main bedroom. I saw the room and my heart just broke. There is literally no space left in the room and whilst there are some communal areas to go to like the kitchen, lounge and dining room, it is also used by other families so very little privacy or "alone family time".

I've been wanting to find a way to help or support them and so suddenly thought that perhaps I could find a self-catering, furnished apartment with a bit more room where they could spend a night or two (just to have a break from RMC for a bit) and maybe buy a voucher so that they could book when it works for them. So I emailed a place that I managed to find on Google and explaining that I would not be able to book on their behalf, but would like to buy a voucher and why it has to work this way. Ken came back to me saying that they could have the apartment for a couple of nights and when I asked what it would come to, he simply responded "no charge". Wow. I was absolutely speechless, that somebody could be so incredibly generous.

Ken, thank you so very much. You have made this family's day. I am sure that the weekend you offered them would absolutely mean the world to them, it will give them a chance to just catch their breath, have some quality family time for a bit. Thank you so very much.

And to anybody if you are looking for accommodation in Auckland, please do consider contacting Ken at mail@aptsinakld.co.nz and you can see more info on the website and you can also see more info here.


Anonymous said...

There are angels everywhere. We just have to keep believing in the greater good and they will be revealed to us!
What a beautiful gesture!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is fantastic. People like Ken are so wonderful. And well done Lea for organising it!