What a fun weekend!

This weekend Bianca went off to Camp. We dropped her off on Friday evening. She was a little shy at first, but it didn't last long and she joined the friends she made at the two previous camps she joined.

Starting the weekend off having fun:

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Blue skies, sunny, no wind. The weather doesn't really bug me, regardless of what it looks like, but yesterday was the perfect day to just go for a drive. First we took Caitlyn to a fun indoor play area - Kids Republic. She had such a great time. There was one slide that is really fast and looks quite steep when you sit at the top, but she was fearless and kept going again and again and again.

We then took a drive and stopped at a number of beaches we haven't visited before. It was beautiful and peaceful. There were times where there were other people too, some walking their dogs, others just taking a stroll down the beach, but it felt nice that it wasn't crowded. Not that you ever really see any beaches that crowded (or at least none of the beaches we have visited to date). It was so relaxing and so beautiful!

Then this afternoon we went and picked Bianca up again. She hasn't shared much about what they have been doing except her usual standard answer "I forgot", but we know she had a great time. She mentioned that she was running around a lot and how her team came first or something and she has already asked if she can please go to the camp in January again. And tonight she mentioned to Terence that one day she'd like to be a companion too. That is just so sweet!

Here is Bianca on the bus as the bus arrives:

Saying goodbye and thank you to the two companions who looked after Bianca and 2 of her camp friends:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the beaches look beautiful! Quite different to here! Glad you all had a great weekend!