What a wonderful day!

Bianca was discharged at around lunch time today. Yeah!!! Her counts are slightly low still, but are busy coming up and so she is back on the usual chemo doses again from tonight. She has a cough which is at times quite persistent and annoying for her I guess, but the doctor they saw this morning is not worried about the cough and confirmed that she is not infectious at all. I mean she's had tamiflu since Sunday and none of the tests came back with anything to worry about, so despite the cough she's got permission to go to camp this coming weekend. She is so excited. The theme is creepy crawly or something like this so in the next 2 days we have to sort out her costume.

Bianca met the hospital teacher during her stay and got some great activities to do even some Year 2 activities. The teacher was quite disappointed (in a good way) that Bianca won't be there anymore after today and she mentioned Bianca is a great student. But we'll carry on with the activities as part of our homework every day - can only do good.

Bianca also managed to go to sewing class this afternoon and things are getting back into our routines. That's a great feeling!


Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear she's ok and can go to camp! Can't wait to see the pictures of her costume!

Bethany said...

I am so glad that she is okay!