Oh the joys of winter bugs

Bianca and Caitlyn both have colds - as in constant coughing, the occasional sneeze, a bit of a runny nose. Oh fun and games. To top it all I think I'm busy getting a cold too.

Yesterday Bianca complained about a bit of a headache, not sure if that is what it was or if it was as a result of her coughing. But either way I don't think she will be able to go to school tomorrow when school starts for the third term. We are hoping Bianca doesn't develop a temperature because then we'll probably be in for a hospital stay.

So I think I'm in for a few interesting and busy days as I attempt to keep Caitlyn occupied and keep Bianca busy with school-related activities.

And just for my mom - I made some onion syrup which my mom and grandmother used to make for colds and other chest-related things. I'm hoping it will do the trick really soon.

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