Taking a trip down memory lane

Bianca: "Mommy, when is September?"

Me: "Well, it is nearly August, then that means it is one month away, why do you ask?"

Bianca: "Because sometimes when I go to bed I don't always fall asleep very easily and I'd like to have a cup of hot milk"

Aah yes, that would be nice, to get to the end of treatment where Bianca won't have to eat according to a rather strict schedule, where we hope she eats early enough to be finished by around 5pm or 6pm so that we can set the timer for 2 hours which is when she needs to get her evening chemo and then bed. Come September she will be able to eat at a normal supper time like everybody else and there will be no more 2 hour waiting period of no eating and drinking and then a further hour of no eating and drinking after medicines. That will be nice indeed! Will feel funny though and I wonder how often we will feel as if we are forgetting something!

Today I have finally managed to start copying some of her treatment photos into a directory so that I could start playing around with it to see what I can come up with for the art work / creation thingy that I would like to make to mark the end of treatment. I will probably try and incorporate 831 paua shell pieces (I think it will be 831 days from diagnosis to end of treatment) and am now trying to find out where I can buy 831 pieces. I'm also trying to see if CCF would let me buy a duplicate set of beads so that I could incorporate the beads and not use Bianca's original set. That reminds me, I really should start counting beads again to see where we are sitting at the moment.

I have to say that going through the photos is quite a trip down memory lane. I'm glad that I took as many photos as I did. Just the other day I asked Bianca if she remembers when they first took her blood pressure, that they took it on her leg. She was utterly terrified of the blood pressure machine at the time (so much so that she would scream at the mere sight of the machine and I begged them to wait until she was asleep before taking her blood pressure which of course wasn't possible) and it ended up being more effective on her leg than her arm at the time. She just looked at me in disbelieve because she can't remember that. In her world, it has always been on her arm. So it was good to be able to show her the photo.

Now I just hope the art work / creation thingy comes out the way I'm picturing it in my head.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will share the "artwork thingy" with us. I bet its going to be incredible!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the finshed product.
You guys must be so excited about the end of treatment. I think it will be one of the highs of my life when we give Pete that last pill.
I hope you all have a great week.

Anonymous said...

For Paua shell, you could try places like:
Greenstone & Paua Factory Shop Ltd
31 Veronica St New Lynn Auckland (check for them in the Whitepages.co.nz for a phone number.) There are other places, like Spotlight, where you can buy small bags of paua shell pieces.

I hope you do some updates once treatment is finished so we can read about how pleased Bianca is to have that cup of milk when she pleases and not have to wait for a set period of time. :) I think that might be when you all start to realise that this particular trip is over at last. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, You can buy paua from Paua World in the Wairarapa, see their website: http://www.pauashell.co.nz/

Hope that helps :-) Look forward to seeing your creation come September.

Thanks, Sue.