Thankfully so far it is not flu

From what I gather (from the messages Terence sent me) is that Bianca is fairly happy. A short little while ago she was eating popcorn and watching a weird show on the cartoon channel. Today she managed to do some school work, spelling, some maths and reading. Terence got some activities from the hospital teacher too and hopefully Bianca will stay right on track with her school work. It was a real pity that she missed school today - the first day of the third term, but oh well, such is life.

So far all the tests for flu and swine flu have come back negative. That is a big relief. So today she is still on tamiflu (which apparently doesn't taste all that nice, and smells like bubblegum), but if the tests come back negative again tomorrow I understand they will stop the tamiflu (since there will be no point in giving this if she does not have flu) and they might even stop the isolation tomorrow. That will be great! As soon as her temps are down she might possibly be discharged. They are still in the 37's which pretty much means she is still fighting something and so she is still on IV antibiotics.

Her counts are still on the low side. I think Terence said they were 0.55 or something like that, so a bit lower than before, but that is just typical of her body dealing with some or the other virus. So for now all chemo have been stopped to help her counts recover.

All in all, she is doing good. She is happy, chatty, has an appetite and is interested in the various activities we have for her. So it is all good!

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