Abstract impressions

Today I had my second painting workshop, abstract painting. Now I love the look of abstract painting and I've always wanted to create something abstract, so I thought this was the perfect moment to learn about abstract painting. Now the first painting workshop we did (which was how to do a painting using only a painting knife) was so cool, we got there, we copied the picture onto our canvas using carbon copy paper and started painting. Today was slightly different. We got there, got our canvas and paints ready and together we all went through the notes and then (shock and horror), Dennis handed us some pictures and said "look at those and now use that as inspiration to create your abstract painting" "You mean, we are all doing our own thing? We actually have to come up with something to paint all by ourselves? Okay then..." Now painting the background, that's fairly easy, putting the rest of the detail - yes, not so easy. I learned one thing today though that abstract painting is hard and that whilst it looks really simple to do, there is way more to it. But let me tell you Dennis makes it look so easy and his painting was excellent, really beautiful. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera went flat otherwise I would have taken a photo of Dennis' painting, but here is what I managed to create - a sort of a semi-abstract I guess.

I did try a second one that is completely abstract and I'm not all that pleased with it. I tell you the pictures and examples make it look way easier than it is.

I did like the background though, but really struggled with putting some detail and it didn't come out at all like I visualised it.

Now we wait around 3 weeks for them to dry (as they are done in oil) and so for now they are safely on top of one of our cupboards so certainl little 2 year olds can't get their grubby little hands on them.

The first one was definitely better. But I did enjoy it though. Dennis is a great teacher! Can't wait for the next workshop.


Sharon said...

Wow well done! Those aren't half bad!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the fish one!
I'm not really into Abstract art, but the second one looked pretty abstract to me.

Anonymous said...

I think the fish one was brilliant and so was the abstract one.

The Clam said...

I really like the bottom one more - way to go Lea! They're great!