RIP Little Aisling

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I have no words, I just feel incredibly sad and heartbroken for this family. I cannot even begin to imagine what they must be going through right now. I pray that this family will find comfort and strength during this incredibly difficult time!


Anonymous said...

Its so sad and so tragic isn't it. As the parent of a 19 month old (called Caitlin) and a 4 year old its really touched me. As I sat in bed last night feeding my 19 month old (when she woke around 11pm, just after I'd watched the news), I had tears rolling down my cheeks and she got extra cuddles. I just can't imagine the pain and sorrow they must be going through, like you, my heart goes out to them and they are in my thoughts and prayers.
Sue from Wellington.

Sharon said...

Very sad! So tragic! The poor family!

Anonymous said...

oh God, her poor family. That is so sad.

I'm praying for these people.


Anonymous said...

I think young children around the country all got an extra hug or extra praise or even an extra smile from their parents during the last week.

I know I hugged my daughter for longer than I normally would.

I think the country is heartbroken for the family.